Pressure Air-4

The Natural Form Pressure Air-4 offers outstanding pressure displacement and redistribution through the use of static air technology for the prevention and aid of pressure ulcer care. Comprised of four non-circular static air chambers that offer dynamic support in displacing body weight and a hybrid memory foam top that provides the ultimate in comfort. The Natural Form Pressure Air-4 provides better pressure ulcer care for low to medium risk patients.

Natural Form Pressure Air-4 Pressure Management Mattress

The Natural Form Pressure Air-4 was designed like no other therapeutic support surface in the long term care industry. The four static air chambers are filled with foam and air to support, redistribute and displace the weight of the patient off the bony prominences and areas prone to pressure ulcers. One twist of the valve adjusts and releases ambient air throughout the system providing a dynamic surface without the use of a pump.

The top layer is a Certi-Pur hybrid visco-elastic foam which provides optimal comfort and therapeutic support for patients, while the base layer of foam provides additional support. The hybrid foam is a new proprietary product only available on Natural Form mattresses. It cradles the patient without giving them that sinking feeling as most visco elastics do, and also helps reduce the spike in temperature as well. The base layer also contains a five degree heel slope designed to alleviate pressure on sensitive areas of the patient's heel.

The Derma-Plush cover is a breathable urethane knit synthetic material with a low moisture vapor transmission (MVT) rate that prevents fluids from entering the mattress. This soft, stretchable material will significantly reduce "hammocking", thereby reducing the interface pressure between the mattress surface and the bony prominences of the patient. It is antibacterial and antifungal, and launderable. The cover also has a three sided zipper for easy removal, and a zipper flap for increased infection control.

Side bolsters come as an optional feature that raise the side of the mattress two inches above the surface and reminds the patient that they are close to the edge of the bed. Cut-outs are also centered on the bolsters to allow for easy patient ingress/egress.

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